Good ideas are easy to come by: executing the right ones is not.

Success at the systems architecture level begins with understanding how systems meet users’ needs, as well as how a given system fits within an agency’s enterprise architecture, and planning and executing an effective systems integration approach. Dev Technology considers these aspects as it modernizes legacy system assets or develops new applications and interfaces for changing mission and business needs.

Many organizations face the challenge of implementing new business processes and technologies within environments that include legacy systems built in a silo-ed fashion over a number of years. System owners and users rely heavily on these systems and the data and results they provide. However, they must also adapt to changing policies and increasing technological needs, as well as implement new systems to meet updated missions. Often this means sending or receiving data and information from new systems or information sources. Meeting the requirements of these fast-paced changes leads to system modifications and enhancements that continue to put pressure on an organization’s budget.

Implementing new systems or modifying existing ones requires the right approach and selection of the right technology base. We help organizations process, apply, and share information more securely and effectively by strategically aligning systems with enterprise architecture and creating flexible integration solutions.

Xitadel offers a holistic approach to developing a systems architecture and integration solution. We begin by building an understanding of the business context for the system, focusing on all stakeholders’ needs. Then we select technologies that are leading and proven within industry, validate the chosen approaches against any governing enterprise architectures, and prove the system concept through rapid prototyping. Our solutions range from web-based transactional applications to complex systems that fit the overall accessibility and integration strategy for the enterprise.

Confusion and clutter are the failure of design, not the attributes of information.Edward R. Tufte

Architecture and Integration Capabilities

Enterprise Code Review

The Enterprise Code Review engagement is designed to help you identify potential problem areas in your code and provide a roadmap to increase stability, maintainability, performance, and the overall long-term quality of the code.

Architecture Review

We will provide you with the expertise to get your team ready to design, develop and deploy sophisticated solutions. We’ll guide you through the latest in web architectures and development with modern browsers,

Test Automation & Migration

We are available to advise how to set up your test automation strategy and give guidance on how to create and organize tests that are scalable and maintainable. We can also help you to migrate existing systems to the cloud.

Staff Augmentation

We offer a dedicated resource for companies that need additional assistance with web application development efforts. These services can be delivered on-site or remotely.

Ready to dive into the weeds?

We take the time to understand your architecture and integration needs. From there, we’ll collaborate with you to develop an actionable plan.

  • Initial review of your request

    We will review your request and determine the appropriate resources to allocate.

  • Solution Feedback

    Once resources have been allocated, and we understand your goals, we will provide you with expert feedback and recommendations.

  • Technical Deep-Dive

    We will schedule meetings as necessary with your technical team and key stakeholders of impacted systems to determine the best possible solution.